End-to-end custom development

We are an experienced end-to-end development Digital Agency based in London. We help our clients to launch their digital products and boost their business.

CMS Development

Elevate your business with our approach to custom CMS development. Our solution boosts growth by enabling easy content management and a flexible, scalable system that grows with your business.

CRM/ERM Systems

We develop CMS and ERM solutions that address fragmented data and processes, streamlining business operations and enhancing customer engagement.

Custom Web Applications

When off the shelf solutions don't meet your needs, Apps Media steps in to create bespoke web applications that integrate with your business's specific requirements.

eCommerce Development

A common challenge in e-commerce development is creating a user-friendly experience that easily integrates with complex back-end systems. Our approach focuses on overcoming this hurdle, ensuring a smooth, engaging shopping experience.

Enterprise Software Development

At Apps Media, we understand that off-the-shelf software may not encompass all the features your organization requires. Our enterprise software development is designed to meet the functional needs of your business.

Internal Business Applications

We build business apps that impact productivity more quickly and cost-effectively.

Mobile App Development

At Apps Media, we excel in the rapid development of mobile apps for startups, established businesses, and enterprise organizations. From building MVPs to ongoing development and innovation, we offer a full spectrum of services.

UX/UI Design

At Apps Media, we prioritise functional design and exceptional user experiences. Our team focuses on web and mobile design, creating user-centric interfaces that engage and captivate. We prioritize smooth, enjoyable web experiences for all users.
What's included?

Custom Design

We are specialised in custom web design, creating unique sites tailored to each client's vision, rather than using pre-made templates.

Custom Development

Our approach focuses on crafting customised digital solutions, trimming unnecessary code and features to ensure a seamless, personalised experience.

Mobile Optimised

Our focus is on delivering mobile-optimised web development, with a mobile-first design that ensures responsive user experiences across all devices.

SEO Optimised

Focusing on SEO optimisation, including Google integration, boosts visibility across the search engines and ensures a tailored, efficient web presence.


The CMS allows users to adjust their website as needed, including the ability to modify pages and incorporate various elements such as services and projects, facilitating a customized online platform.


Our services extend to robust security measures, offering users the option to implement one-time passwords for enhanced authentication. Additionally, our websites are automatically fortified against CSRF attacks and SQL injection.

Social Media

Custom development ensures the website integrates effortlessly with social media, avoiding extraneous code and unused features for an efficient, tailor-made online presence.

Chat Bot

The website comes with a chatbot capable of automatic bookings, fully integrated with Telegram for a smooth and efficient digital experience.

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