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Work with a professional and experienced Digital Agency. We keep things simple with clear options and transparent pricing. There are no hidden costs at Apps Media, the price quoted is the total cost the customer pays.

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We take pride in our commitment to proficiency, consistently pushing boundaries and refining what is achievable.

Transparent Process

We ensure clear communication and openness throughout the entire process, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of each stage.

Client-Centric Approach

Our dedicated team takes the time to understand and collaborate, ensuring that each interaction contributes positively to your journey towards success.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Our commitment to being budget-conscious is reflected in our approach, ensuring that our services are accessible without compromising quality or effectiveness.


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We are an experienced end-to-end app development digital agency based in London. We help our clients to launch their digital products and boost their business.

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CMS Development

Elevate your business with our approach to custom CMS development. Our solution boosts growth by enabling easy content management and a flexible, scalable system that grows with your business.

CRM/ERM Systems

We develop CMS and ERM solutions that address fragmented data and processes, streamlining business operations and enhancing customer engagement.

Custom Web Applications

When off the shelf solutions don't meet your needs, Apps Media steps in to create bespoke web applications that integrate with your business's specific requirements.

eCommerce Development

A common challenge in e-commerce development is creating a user-friendly experience that easily integrates with complex back-end systems. Our approach focuses on overcoming this hurdle, ensuring a smooth, engaging shopping experience.

Enterprise Software Development

At Apps Media, we understand that off-the-shelf software may not encompass all the features your organization requires. Our enterprise software development is designed to meet the functional needs of your business.

Internal Business Applications

We build business apps that impact productivity more quickly and cost-effectively.

Mobile App Development

At Apps Media, we excel in the rapid development of mobile apps for startups, established businesses, and enterprise organizations. From building MVPs to ongoing development and innovation, we offer a full spectrum of services.

UX/UI Design

At Apps Media, we prioritise functional design and exceptional user experiences. Our team focuses on web and mobile design, creating user-centric interfaces that engage and captivate. We prioritize smooth, enjoyable web experiences for all users.
Process plan

Steps to build a successful Digital Product

Opening Conversation

Commence with a meeting to understand the client's needs, objectives and outline desired features.

  • Understand the client's needs and vision
  • Identify wanted features
  • Highlight budget and time limitations

Establish the requirements

Developing an initial roadmap outlining the project's timeline, key milestones, and anticipated deliverables.

  • Outlining tasks and activities in project's initial plan.
  • Timely planning and execution of project deliverables.
  • Businesses can partner with affiliates

Conceptual design and structure

Design application structure; prototype for client feedback pre-development.

  • Prototype for client input before full development
  • Create a clear and coherent application structure
  • Use prototypes for client feedback beforehand

Develop the application

Implement the application's functionalities in accordance with specifications and design.

  • Bring to life the specified functionalities
  • Implement in a manner aligned with the established design
  • Communicate the implementation progress to the client

Launch the application

Conclude testing, deploy, and configure the application for operational readiness

  • Complete the testing procedures
  • Adjust the App as necessary
  • Get the application ready for use

Continuous improvement

Monitor performance, gather user feedback, provide support, and implement updates for optimal application functionality

  • Monitor the application's performance
  • Provide support and carry out periodic updates
  • Continuous updates and new functionalities
Client feedback

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it. The feedback reflects the assurance and contentment of clients who have directly experienced the influence of our solutions. At Apps Media, our clients aren't just partners.

Really happy with the experience and the final product, the team is amazing ready to deliver on time and with a high quality standard! I would recommend them as the best team to have been work so far as they are really interested to co-create the same ideas as you had initially on your mind and help you achieve the end result without stress or delays. Thank you for the journey!

Tudor Avram
CEO Lexa

If you aren't sure, always go for Apps Media. I STRONGLY recommend Apps Media to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business!

Mary Davies
Owner at Marie's Boutique

Choosing Apps Media was a decision that we are pleased with. The team behind Apps Media is one of professionals who respect the deadlines for completing projects and who offer a valuable input.

Nicolas Blanchet
Director of Digital - Auto Marche
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